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The only yellow car in the village.

When I was a kid we lived in a patch of quintessentially English countryside known as the Cotswolds. It’s full of picturesque villages with dry…

Self-care for the Creative Soul

Last month I was invited to speak at Creative Mornings in Edinburgh on the theme of “taboo”, and decided to talk about mental health and…

Trig points for the soul

When you climb a big hill in the Scottish Highlands, you’ll often find a waist-height concrete pillar waiting for you at the top, as well…

Gifted Books 2016

What book did you read in 2016 that was so good you gifted it to others? Responses…

Confessions of a serial non-finisher

How can you avoid the wandering path of the procrastinator? Find out how to find your sweet spot when it comes to finishing projects, and why following your passion is unlikely to help.